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Health Insurance options~ Alabama- 0 deductible/ 3yr rate guarantee
/ Alternative to the Healthcare Reform coverage!

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The new healthcare reform law is confusing and complex, as much as we have explored the new law  we became exhausted ourselves. Then the thought process began to find a new innovative way of thinking about the subject!

We discovered there are alternatives for health insurance throughout the country. We specialize in the field within Alabama for present time, as we feel there are plenty of residents who need our assistance and advice. Consultations via internet; person-to-person or by phone.

We offer:

  • Innovative and reliable Health insurance solutions- 0 deductible/ three year premium rate guarantee
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts/ small business, family & individuals
  • Not subject to the federal mandates
  • Short-term and long-term assistance/ live customer service
  • Other product lines: Life; Dental; Income Protector; Critical Illness; Accidental Policies
  • Outstanding Nationwide & International coverage/ 24 hours/ 7 days- whether traveling or working
  • Nationally recognized carrier.

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OUR Team of Advisors

Our Team

Our advisors take into consideration all aspects of your current situation. How they do so? Fact finding, as they need to ask relevant questions in order to assist you, your family, your business in the most efficient way. These advisors are licensed within the state of Alabama and surrounding states in order to assist you in an informed and professional manner. Please feel free to visit our contact page.

Seems to be Overwhelming

Seems Overwhelming

Today the insurance options for health, life, dental, critical illness, accident and income protection policies seem so diverse, complex and frightening. It does not have to be nor should it be. In today's fast pace world we understand your time is limited, please use our contact page for more information

Small Business Advisors

Small Business Consultations

In this world of business- the small business owners, at times, feel they have no choices with offerings for health care coverage and insurance. We find this alternative a wonderful avenue to explore with small business owners, their employees, family, friends and associates. Indvidiual & Business Health Reimbursement Accounts do not have to be frightening, let us assist with initial setup and...